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The history of the first and most traditional hotel in Piracicaba begins in the mid 70’s with the visit of Mr. Antônio José Martins who, astonished by the beauty and potential development of the city, and mainly by this special place, asks the municipality of Piracicaba permission to use the public building through legal concession.
So, the Beira Rio Palace Hotel was inaugurated by the owners Antônio José Martins and Iracema Fré Martins on the 30th of January of 1974, known worldwide today by its unique view of the Piracicaba River. Now considered the “mother” of the Martins Hotel Chain, it is the first of 6 other hotels of the chain, among them Antonio´s Palace Hotel, also in Piracicaba.

In 2007 the Beira Rio Palace Hotel went through a main reform which completely restructurated the place. Pre-inaugurated in 2009, the new Hotel now receives its guests in 154 rooms under the international standards for hotels.